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Saturday, May 21, 2011


Hi is this weekend???

Hope u r enjoying....yesterday on the way back to home from office I was very happy.
Guess why..............nothing special guys....two days weekend holidays na so ha ha ha...I think almost all people in the world will be happy on the evening of Friday or Saturday....some people have two days holidays so they will be happy on Friday evening and some people work on Saturday also so they will be relaxed Saturday evening.Even school children and college students will be happy Saturday noon.

            Even house wives will be happy on weekends because their husbands will take them out for picnic or shopping or at least they will spend time with them.And students will get more time to sleep and also more time to play with friends.
            So everyone will like weekends.. then question comes which day you hate most??? I asked this question to many of my friends,professionals,children,housewives colleagues and relatives.The answer from almost all is   "I hate Monday" I hate Monday" bla bla bla

            Even me too hates this Monday...But why all Monday only...if u ask me then answer would be first reason is waking up early in the morning after two days weekend is go to company and start same work and take scoldings from boss and talk to same customers etc..etc...this happens all other days of working also...but after taking rest in the weekends, lived like king in the home...on Monday getting up early going and taking scoldings from feels so bad.Even bosses also hates Monday because after spending nice time with family in the weekends,they come to office on Monday with cool minds,if work is not complete though they are not interested to scold..they have to do that.
             If u ask college students or school children,they say Aiyyo why this Monday comes so early i hate it ....but why ,here also same again have to see the face of same teacher and principal,should do the home work,if not done have to take punishments etc etc...
             Same with the House wives also after enjoying in the weekend,have to get up early in the morning make things ready for children and working husbands.And after sending children to school and husband to work,they have to sit alone in home watching same serials in the TV.

            On the same topic many have written books and poems also ie"I Hate Mondays"...many surveys also have taken place.In the survey 99% people hates Mondays.And reasons to hate Monday are plenty.
             When I was in Sainik School also Monday was the hell,I think u may be knowing how busy routine will be in the defense schools.Only Sunday is the day on which we are left free.All other days sucks.That too after having nice time on Sunday and going drill parade on Monday early morning to ground and taking beatings from subedars(instructors) was the hell.If u ask any Sainik school guy  that the day he hates most in school.Probably his answer will be Monday.

            So friends ask your self which day u hates most and ask your friends also.Most of the answers will be 'MONDAY' 'MONDAY' and 'MONDAY'


  1. Mondays always blues for working group and students, but not the business people...