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Saturday, February 4, 2012


Flash back...around 15 years back when I was in class fourth I used to bunk many classes and morning prayers in the school.Today I am going share one small story of this time.
    I never felt that I should go to class during those days.Just for the sake of parents I used to attend classes.Or else I was moving to some farm houses in the village with two of my friends and pick up some fruits and eat without knowing to the owner.After coming from farm house we were having lunch sent by mom in box and we use to go for near by ground and play till evening then going back to home,this was my routine for two or three days in week. 

    After the first quarter one day morning class was going on Sunitha madam was teaching some maths problems,class was interrupted by our principal as he entered, one girl and a person whose age was around 40 with thick mustache entered behind him.principal told all of us that girl was newly admitted to our class and she is the daughter of newly posted range forest officer to our area and showed that person, her name is Kavya.That mustache person was forest officer.Principal and forest officer talked something with our madam and left the class.
     As they left the room,Madam showed her the place to sit,whole class was looking at her she went near the bench and said 'madam this bench is so dirty I cant sit' I was sitting on the last bench slowly I said 'oh big drama queen'. Later madam called one house keeping guy and told him to clean the bench, after that drama queen sat on it.That day classes were over and every one left the room.I was watching Kavya only she came out,already car driver was waiting outside I thought she will go and sit.But she called driver to take her.He came and lifted her made her to sit in car.Again she proved that she was pakka drama queen.

      As usual our routine went on.One satarday we all came to school,since it was satarday class starts early at 730 am so our morning prayer will be at 7.15 only.on that day my mother could not prepare breakfast early so I came without tiffin box.But I was very hungry.So I told two more friends to bunk the prayer and we planned something and plan was to steal the tiffin box.Every one went to prayer but we three bunked it.Our hunt started in the class for hidden tiffin.We opened two three boxes.tiffin was common like upma and some rice.As the time was running fast those both ate little little upma.But I was looking for something different.At last I saw blue box in front bench.that was drama queen's box.I opened it my favourite idly was there.there were four idlys.Only five minutes was remaining so I ate two idlys and kept back the box.
      Prayer was over and everyone returned back to class.My full attention was on Kavya only.Since it was satarday every one was on white uniform.She came and sat on the bench.Soon madam also came and started teaching.After ten minutes Kavya started shouting 'madam' madam' as if some tiger has come to class.
when madam asked about the reason she told that some chutney has sticked to her white uniform at the back.In hurry I had left some chutney on her bench,as madam went to her bench,she opened her tiffin box also,two idlys were also missing,again she shouted 'madam my idly my idly' ,all came to know her two idlys were missing,madam turned to the class and asked for the victim,everyone's head was down.My unluck I had left one evidence.My hand key was lying below her table.
       Madam came to me and bitten me with stick.And made me to stand ouside the class.I was standing outside Kavya was coming from wash room after cleaning her uniform,as she came near to me I said loudly'U drama queen'.She said 'U are bad boy' and again she told this to madam.Madam came and bitten me again and punishment was extended to till classes were over.
     It was my luck that day was Saturday, classes were up to 12, till 12'o clock I stood outside and returned back to home.In that way we both were introduced to each other.At the starting we were like enemies.but later days we became  good friends.Now Kavya is software engineer in one of the MNC.Now also I call her as ' DRAMA QUEEN'..

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  1. Nice experience.
    Well written article..loved it..
    In Chetan Bhagat's book Revolution 2020, there is a similar incident in the book...there girl name is Arti