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Saturday, January 7, 2012


    Recently I was passing nearby Engineering college in Bangalore. I saw bunch of students enjoying in the campus and one second could not control my tears, my eyes busted with full of tears. I really missed and missing those friends, birthday parties, trips, bunking classes, bike ride, night outs, assignments, internals, late night Maggie, beautiful girls, hostel  etc etc……so many things. Those days will never return back in our life.
    Hello friends this time I would like to share some of my experiences at the end of happy days. 7th semester exams were over and our countdown was started in college. Each moment spent was last in the college. Last month, last birthday, last internal, last trip, so many last moments.  Since it was last sem   there was much concentration on project work, we were having three days classes and three days only project work. We were carrying out project in the one famous company, so we use to go for that company to carry out project. We used to see the engineers the company, how stressful was their work. Just we were imagining after some months we also will be in same condition and now we are in same.

   Usually we were reading in sms that ‘we came with tear in eyes without knowing any one and we will be leaving college with tear in eyes after knowing all’…this was really felt in the last semester. Yes really when I came for first time to college with my father for admission was scared and there was lot of fear that how to spend next four years here. But that fear was disappeared when classes were started, unknown faces became close friends and unknown place became like heaven for me. On the first day college I was crying when my father was returning to home. But in last semester we all friends were crying because we were leaving college.
    In the last semester all will become cool because I saw so many fights between friends and juniors were compromised at the last. Many talked to each other. One more thing in the last semester was writing slam book…abba I don’t know how much slam book I have written. Almost all of my friends gave me to write it. Even for studying we never spent  so much of time but spent much time on writing slam book. We wrote it full semester. Writing was full of experiences and expressing how we felt about him or her in four years. When I see my slam book, now also my eyes will get wet because friends have written with feelings.
   Finally project was over and internal was over. Only left was our exams. At last exams also came. Those were the last night outs for exams but we never felt. After last exam, I came out of exam hall with smile to tell that exam was super. Outside I saw many were with sad face, I thought their exams were difficult. But many were hugging each other and giving shake hands. At that time nothing flashed in my mind. Bit later I got flashed that next day was our last day in college, suddenly expression in my face was changed. After all exams we were wishing for happy vacation but this time all were wishing ‘all the best for future’. And one more word from everyone’s mouth was ‘miss u miss u’. Some could not control their tears. Later I returned back to hostel all were packing their things. In the previous semesters I was waiting for exams get  over to run out for native, but that day I was really not feeling to pack my things. One moment I could believe that next day was last in hostel. With heavy heart I packed my things. Next day my brother came with car to take me, I said bye to all and once more I saw college saluted it. We started journey to native.
   Friends I hope you may also experienced the same at the end of Happy Days. Now we have entered the corporate world, now we are not getting time to enjoy, on weekends time is spent in sleeping. During happy days we had no money to enjoy but also we enjoyed lot, now we have money but no enjoyment.  Advice to juniors is please enjoy your happy days to the fullest extent.