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Sunday, July 17, 2011


          After long time I had been to my native for friend’s marriage and I was very happy see all my old friends there. We wished newly married couple and had nice party at night. After marriage all my friends returned back to their places respectively. Next three days I spent time with my parents in home .Three days were over, it was time to return back to Bangalore.

         My return train ticket was reserved on Wednesday, train was departing at 5.40pm from Hubli junction, I packed all my things and my mom cooked dinner and gave me box. One second I checked my bag, confirmed nothing was left. I said bye to mom and left home at 4pm.
          I reached Hubli railway station by 5pm, still there was half an hour for train to arrive, so I went to bakery to buy some sweets for my roommates and colleagues. I took Dharwad special Pedha and had some tea and came back to platform .By that time it was 5.30 train was in the platform and cleaning of toilets and filling of water in tanks was in progress .I checked my compartment in the ticket came near to same. My compartment was S8,I checked my name in the sheet which was pasted on the door. My name was there and as usual like all other guys I checked any girl was near my berth. My berth number was 38, I checked above and below my number but there was no girl name, instead it was written DVG in some berth numbers, which means some people were boarding in Davangere (DVG).
         I boarded train and came near to my berth, already two guys were sitting before me in the berth. I asked their berth numbers and told mine. In this way we started talking and introduced ourselves. One was travelling from Pune and one was from Gujarat. On that day climate was a cool, dark cloud were moving in the sky, sun was not visible, it was dark by 5.30pm.
         Time was 5.40, train started moving slowly towards Bangalore, as the train started moving clouds bursted into rain, water started coming inside compartment, all people pulled their window shutters. We were talking about different things about their profession and my job etc…different kind of people were travelling in the train, students, business men, teachers, engineers etc…as the time passed many stations also passed. But it was raining outside with same speed in all the stations. I was bit sad because there was no girl travelling near my berth, but there was hope that at least one girl will board from Davangere. I saw time it was 8pm, so opened my Tiffin box and had my dinner was bit tired and closed my eyes.
        Next station was Davangere; train stopped in the platform those two guys who were sitting beside me got down in that station. One beautiful girl entered my compartment and she came near my berth and said “my berth seat number is 40” ,I was sitting in that berth I got up and said ‘sorry please take your  seat” .I was very very happy because such nice girl was sitting in front of me. There was silence for next half an hour. After that she only asked ‘are u going to Bangalore’? ya I said.

     In this way our interaction started she was software software engineer working one of famous MNC in Bangalore. I too introduced myself. What a coincidence she too was living near my area in Bangalore. Till late night we were talking each other. Morning when train reached Bangalore we both got down. Since she was  also staying nearby to my area we took same bus and reached our stop. And we exchanged our mobile numbers and said bye to each other. After that we were in touch through messages and calls. Later we started meeting in the evenings. Went to coffee days, pizza huts and Mc Donald’s etc…had nice partys on weekends.
             On one weekend my mobile was ringed..I just picked it…and it was her call…she said “today no one is in my room u come we shall have grand party” I said ‘ok’….I took bath, wore new dress and went to her home…and ringed bell tin ton!!!!!!!!!!!! She opened the door …wa she was looking gorgeous…I went inside…she closed door…I was amazed what was her plan….many things were going in my mind???????
There was loud sound ‘KHOOLI SIR’ KHOOLI’ I opened my eyes still I was in train. I saw watch it was 3.30 am in the morning and saw in the window it was Bangalore junction. That time I realized that  whole thing was dream which I saw in the train. No girl boarded in the train. Only those two guys were there. They were packing their things. I rubbed my hairs and eyes and said myself “oh it was dream dude” .I took my bag and said bye to those two guys and came out. Since it was too early in the morning there were no buses, so I took auto and came to room…..still I was thinking ‘that was dream’???


  1. hey buddy, i think its high time for u to get married..

  2. Manohar here
    good narration le... hope your luck turns better in the next travel..

  3. @ manohar thanks le..may be sure @ anonymous ya man waiting for good understanding girl

  4. Nice to see your blog Vijay!! Wish you all the best for your next blogs.


  5. Good going bro.. upcomin blogger

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