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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Creative Technology-Think India

Hi Friends.................Long gap!!!!!! My last post was in 2013..........OMG  three long years..........How are you all???? Hope you all are doing well :)  Thanks to all my blog is still alive.  Today  I am writing on a topic which will make every Indian think......

     Why we always think of job in western countries???……..Why we do not have big companies???!!!! Are we not Creative?????  All giant IT companies are from West……..are we not capable of creating something new??
           What is difference between discovery and invention!!!!  Discovery is finding something which already exists and invention is Creative something new!!!! At present West gets credit for being more Creative.
     Are we less Creative??…. What all we have given to world to be proud of ???  ....Sanskrit its oldest language in the world.  It is oldest script. That means we have taught to the world how to speak and write. That’s mainly communication.   Aaryabhata who has worked out value of pi is from India… addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are gift to mankind from India. In short   communication and compute  are the basic things wanted in the beginning of life for the growth, that we have given to world….
      Coming to Engineering, we have oldest dam in the world.  I am not aware of the place and name of the dam but we have it in our country. That shows we were a step ahead in the engineering too.  Medicine: Idea of plastic surgery was from India, which was very old practice in India. Smallpox fought successfully in India before the people found out vaccine for it.

      Coming to Education , Gurukulam system with university like Nalanda university  which was very famous and was attracting many students from whole world.  It was having curriculum of all subjects like maths, science, skills development etc….

   What about business???  We were only country to export maximum spices to world. In fact Indian exports had 33% share in the world.

    So by all above facts we come to know that our ancestors were creative and given lots to the world.   150 years ago we were so competitive. How was all this possible??   Just think it was all due to they were thinking and had love towards their mother tongue.  Man is creative when he thinks in his own mother tongue and executes work in the same. 

Then later what went wrong???
    If you wish to destroy country without war, then its very easy  just destroy  mother tongue of the country.  Yes !! that’s exactly what British did to us. Our creativity was buried when English people started ruling us. They influenced so much that without English there is nothing. As result those who do not understand English would been labelled as illiterate.  Later our people started learning English, without English no education, no jobs, no career…… started learning English, thinking in English etc…. we have got talent but lost our creativity…….. And its fact!!  We are tagged as talented with less creativity.  Look at the developed countries in the world they use their mother tongue… they are not behind any other language… in fact they make others to learn their language…… we have so many languages in our country but we are behind English. But we never realized how creative we are!!! country can develop so many  languages and scripts is perfect example for creativity. No other country in the world  has so many languages.  As a result   We are proud if our child is studying in English medium and if he is learning French or Germany…. 

      West is developed and they have giant companies now and attracting the world. Now every one is calling it as Information Technology.  We have to love our mother tongue and start encouraging learning of mother tongue in school level , let’s make  our next generation to think in their mother tongue  and let  them have lot of creative ideas.   By this we are grooming pride for motherland in hearts of our future generation.  Once there is pride for motherland then self-pride will follow.  This self-pride will make grounds for self-expression and creativity. Let us prepare for  India for tomorrow and call future as Creative Technology…   This will definitely make you think!!!!!!

Friday, November 15, 2013


On Thursday I got relieved from the project which was assigned to me.  Since it was a long time I had been to native, I thought of going to home. When I asked for the permission our manager granted me 3 days leave without a single word. I was very happy and came back to my seat and opened IRCTC site to book ticket on the same night, but it was showing waiting list. I tried for the buses I did not get any ticket. Therefore I did not book any ticket and thought of travelling next day morning.
Since it was winter season, Next day morning I got up at 10am. I got ready and had lunch & then boarded bus at 1pm. Its 8 hour journey from Bangalore to Hubli and conductor told we will be reaching latest by 9.30pm. Hubli to my village its half an hour drive and last bus will be at 10pm. I thought latest by 10.30pm will be at home, so I called up home and gave them message.
Due to lot of traffic, bus reached Hubli at 11pm.By the time I reach my village bus had left Hubli. There was one more bus which was standing. I boarded that bus which goes to other village that is 2km from my village. When bus reached that village it was 12am mid night. As soon as bus reached the stop everyone got down and moved towards their homes. Within seconds bus stop empty & silent.
Now some kind of fear started in the mind, because I have to walk 2km to reach my home. Slowly I started to walk on the road, not even single person was on the road. I thought of calling up home, but there was no proper network. There was pin drop silence and I could only hear scream of different type of insects. I remembered lot of devil stories on the way. It was full moon day and sky was clear with lot of bright stars. There was cool air which was blowing and making sound. Not to feel alone I put ear phones and started listening songs.
However I walked 1km and reached river which crosses my village. As I was walking on the banks of river suddenly my mobile got switched off, songs were stopped. Dark clouds covered the clear sky. Within seconds lighting also started, clouds busted into rain. I drenched in the rain. It became full dark, I started to walk faster. Only in lightning I was able to see the road. Suddenly I saw a huge body coming towards me; I trembled and stood there only.  As huge body approached very near I could recognize, he was man with 7feet height and around 200kg weight with long beard. My hands and legs started shivering as he stood in front of me. He said ‘my name is Robert and you have to come with me now’.  ‘No I will not come anywhere’ why should I come with you’ I replied in fear.
But he took me and flied in the air, I was screaming but when I saw earth from bird view, felt happy. There was fear in mind, that why this guy is taking me, whether he is magician or devil. We crossed lot of forests, hills and rivers. Finally we came to big ocean, there were lot of big waves hitting to the shore and air was blowing with high speed, also there was lightning.
We crossed some kilometers in the ocean, in lightning light I saw an island near to us. He took me and got down on a big rock in the island. It was raining heavily; wind was blowing with high speed, so I could not move forward. Robert was standing like a rock. He looked at me and again I got fear. He took me on his shoulders and started to walk forward. After a while, we reached a small hut, where there was only single cot and mat. I came to know that it’s the place where Robert lives.
     After some time he started speaking ‚now we have to move deep inside the sea, and fight with one creature (Robo) then we have to bring back one key which is in his throat. I was amazed, why the hell I should fight and am I capable? ‚yes dude you are capable, your ancestors had this power and they have transferred this power to you. Robo killed your grandfather. He has lots of magical powers. He is trying to convert our 1million men into creatures. Today is the the last day that we can stop him or else million people will be converted into creatures and they will destroy the world. The guy who has power to kill Robo is “you” he said.
    Robert gave me one magical stick. It was of my grandfather and which works only in my hand Robert said. I took it & said fire, suddenly a big tree in front of me got fire. Now I got confidence. I wore my grandfather‘s outfit and said Robert that we will move. We both flied from the rock and jumped into the sea. Deep into the sea there was a fort. We entered inside the fort. Inside there was no water but there was forest and it had lots of different types of trees. Slowly we moved inside. Suddenly fire occurred in front of us. I sprinkled water on it by magic stick. We moved front, earth worm type insects started coming out from the earth. One by one started climbing our body. We started running in other direction. I made hole using my stick, suddenly all the insects fell into the hole.
    We found some coconut trees. I took one to drink, when i cut it we found blood in that. I threwed it. We were very hungry, but there was nothing to eat there. As we moved forward we found small water body in which there were some fishes. We caught some fishes and fried using magic stick. We ate them, now we felt comfortable.
    We sat there for some time, there was big hill in front of us, and the creature was on top of hill. We have to reach there by passing through some caves. Time was running and soon we got up started climbing the hill. After walking 500 meters we found one cave. It was full dark. As soon as we entered the cave, bunch of spiders and bats attacked us. So we could not move forward and came outside the cave. I took some sticks and wrapped front part with cloth and fired it. Then me and Robert entered the cave again they tried to attack but, with the help of fire we destroyed some bats. Quickly we moved forward.
     Next we moved slowly and found big wall in front of us. On the wall there were some creatures and were holding some weopons.we crawled slowly till the wall but one creature looked at us & attacked us. Within seconds around 50 creatures surrounded us. They were making some irritating noise and with weapons tried to kill us. I took my stick & I made them to move little back. Suddenly we both started running towards the top of the fort, creatures were chasing from back, while running my stick fell into a small pit. We tried to move front but it was edge of the hill. So we went behind the bush and sat down there. Creatures came running, as they were in a high speed, they fell down from the edge of the hill. After picking up the stick from the pit, we flied on top of the fort with the help of special broom stick.
    Now Robo was in front of us, he had a very huge body and had more than 10 hands. He was having different types of weopons.He too had one magical stick same as mine by which he was controlling everything, that stick was stolen from my ancestors. As soon as he saw us, threw some fire balls towards us, but we escaped from them. With the help of my stick left some bees to bite him, he too escaped by using some powers. He left some pigs which were having big teeth, one pig attacked on Robert and pierced through stomach, suddenly he started shouting. I went & killed that pig.
With the help of big sword I killed other pigs too. Small injuries were on my body. I tied cloth to Robert’s stomach, but Robo was trying to hit me from back, suddenly Robert pushed me away and his left hand was cut. Robert fainted.
I took sword and cut his toes and he fell down, took his magic stick and cut his neck threw into the big valley. Robert was awake by that time there was victory smile on his face. I went and hugged him and told him about the killing of Robo. Robert asked me about the key, suddenly I became silent because key was forgotten.
‘’without the key we cant make million people free from prison’’ Robert said.  I showed him the place where Robo was thrown out. Suddenly he took me in hand and flied down the valley. There was big forest at the bottom of the valley. We went in search of his body, bunch of leopards attacked us. One leopard pierced nails into my thigh skin. I killed it with help of my sword. Same time Robert killed other leopards also. There was bleeding in my thigh. I took some dry leaves and tied them tightly on thigh.
    We moved forward, we found his neck but there was no key in that. We got tensed, lot of negative thoughts came into mind that after finding body if key is not there, where to find in such big forest.  Only two hours was left for release of those people or else all of them will be converted to creatures.  We increased our speed and started searching in the forest. There was river flowing in forest. We found some blood drops on the banks of river. Now we were sure that body was flown along with water.
   We ran on the bank of river along with flowing water, after some minutes we reached still water. I saw body floating on the water and screamed at Robert that we found body. We were happy and brought body on the bank. With help of sword I cut his body into pieces. We found key in his stomach. Another one hour was left to release them. Since Roberts hand was cut it was impossible fly faster and reach in time to release them. With help of magic stick two flying brooms I made.  Within seconds we left the place flied on brooms. After 45 minutes we reached the Island where all people were put behind the bar.   With help of key we opened the lock, automatically bars disappeared. All the people were very happy and hugged each other. They thanked me and Robert. Also they decided to make me king of the Island.       But I did not agree and told about my family & job responsibilities. Also I promised them that will be visiting them once in year. In case of emergency always I will be there for them at any time. They too agreed and sent me happily. Robert took me in hand flied towards my village. Dropped me near my home and hugged me, said bye and left.
  In my home everyone was afraid and they were waiting for me from long time. They ringed my mobile it was not reachable. As soon as I reached home there was big smile on everyone’s face. My mom hugged me and cried. I told them some other story (did not tell what actually happened) to made them to believe. Later everyone went to bed. I just closed my eyes.


Thursday, May 31, 2012


      Yesterday, I watched a English adventure movie, after the end of movie, I went back to my bed to sleep. Some old memories flashed in front of my eyes.
       Around nine years back I was studying 10th class in Sainik School Bijapur. That was March month and our board exams were going on and at the same time India was doing best at cricket world cup. We bought one radio also to listen the cricket commetry.Half of my concentration was on cricket and other half was on exams. I think that was the reason I scored less in board exams.

      Somehow exams were over and India lost the world cup at final against Australia.
That was disappointing but there was happy news for all 10th class that principal was sending all of us to Madikeri (Kodagu) for adventure camp.
     We were around 60 people but we had only one school bus, around 40 were accommodated in the bus others were informed to come by government bus. As the travelling distance very long we left early in the morning. We had never been to this part of state. It was first experience for all of us. We all grown and brought up in hot land like Bijapur and for the first time we were going to cool and forest land like madikeri ,therefore it was exciting.
     To say something about Madikeri, Its one of the famous tourist place in Karnataka. It’s covered with thick forest and has some famous waterfalls. During rainy season lot people visit Madikeri  to see these falls and green forest. Talakaveri is the place where one of the famous river Kaveri takes birth. This is around 100km from Madikeri. Two eyes are not enough to see the beauty of Kodagu.
    Our bus moved on shimoga,Hassan and then reached Madikeri at late night. Our accommodation was arranged by some our Ex-students in one marriage hall which was located in the mid of the thick forest. Nearby city to this hall was around 10km.Two staff members were accompanied us for the camp. It was late night we could not see any beauty of nature. As we reached, one our ex student welcomed us and showed us the place where we have to live for ten days and gave some instructions about washroom, food and also he mentioned that hall has current connection, therefore they had generator connection which will be running for limited time that’s evening 6 to 10 and morning 4 to 6.After long journey we were very tired, so he did not waste much time just said goodnight and left. We  also slept soon.
   We woke up at 6 in the morning, waa….there was full fog which covered all the surroundings it was very cold, we never seen such climate before. Fog was so thick that even roads were not visible. There were lot of trees around. In Bijapur we can see kilometers of distance with barren land. But here there were lot of trees and coffee estates around. Whole surrounding was green and covered with fog. Small drops of water on the leaves were shining as the rays of sun falling on them.
   On the first day we were taken to see some waterfalls and places nearby. Next day we were taken to one place near Kushalnagar, which is also known city in Kodagu for trekking. Trekking distance was 10km in that thick forest. Route was in such way that we have to climb up one hill and get down where we will find river, there we have to take our lunch and return back on other route. That hill was very steep if you miss one step or slip bit we were falling into deep valley and our way was so narrow no two guys were able walk side by side. We moved ahead and ahead very carefully. Time was 2 in the afternoon, there was lot of heat and we reached that river. As soon as we reached, everyone removed their clothes and jumped into water. We felt as if we found oasis in the desert. Around half an hour we were in water and later we came out and had our lunch on the banks of river. 

    As the time was running we wore our dress and packed our things and left the place. This time way was not zigzag but it was straight and 60 degree steep. All our energy was lost in river only. This time we felt really difficult to climb up the hill. Many guys sat in the half way and could not move forward. Since the time was running fast we helped those guys to move further. Finally we reached our place with great difficulty, by the time we reached hall clock showed time 9pm. So we had dinner and slept soon.
     For the next few days, we visited several other places in that forest and enjoyed the beauty of places. And also went for some other trekking places. Only last one day was left for us leave the Madikeri. Before that day, we had dinner at 9 in the night and having some discussion on the experiences during these days. At that time Mrutyunjay(mutya) said ‘it would have been still more interesting and challenging, if we would have gone for night trekking’. Everyone nodded their heads. Actually that plan was cancelled due to some reasons. By that time it was 10pm, generator was off and everyone went to their beds.
    I also came to bed and closed my eyes, I got toilet at night, so woke up mutya. We both went out for small stroll and finished toilet. As we were returning back, we could see some lamps light in the forest, which were 50m from us. I told mutya ‘lets go and see what are those lights?’.  He did not agree at first as we were leaving early in the morning. Later when I forced he was agreed to come. As went near by the light we could see two guys , who were holding two lamps were waiting for someone. We found them suspicious, therefore we hid behind a tree and waited there. After some time one black nigro arrived near to them. Then they started moving towards one nearby hill, we followed them as they moved. They came near the hill and disappeared, mutya told that better we return back soon.
    But I only took him further, there was small cave which was covered with some branches of trees. We took off those branches and entered in. Entrance was only small but inside it was big building. Where we peeped through window, we saw some guys packing smuggled things like animals skin, elephant teeth and some weapons. Suddenly we saw that black nigro having negotiations with one big guy who was wearing black suit. That black guy was holding some diamonds in his hand. We got fear and slowly came back out of cave and kept back those branches as it is. We thought of informing to police but feared lot as influenced people will be involved in it and would be a great risk. But later we thought we are students of Sainik school once if we clear NDA, we are going to be officers in defense and  save the country from enemies. We got courage when all these thoughts came into our mind. After that we did not wait single second went to highway and waited for some vehicle to give us lift.

     One car gave us lift to madikeri, within an hour we came back to our hall with police van. We woke up all the friends, informed about what had happened. They were also energetic to catch the smugglers because they are from Sainik school, that courage comes from lessons we learnt at school. All of us covered the cave, police announced in the mike to surrender. As there was other way all those who were in the cave surrendered. Man behind all this was famous well known business man of Kodagu. Police praised me and mutya for our courage. Next day this news was spread throughout the state like fire in the forest. Our names came in the news and Televisions. It was announced that medal will given to us by the Government of Karnataka. On the Independence day chief minister  was giving bravery medal  to me, suddenly I heard sound from our staff member ‘guys get up’ get up’ we have to travel long distance, get ready soon’ . I opened my eyes ,it was 5 clock in the morning. All that I saw was dream. I just got up and saw that mutya was in deep sleep. I just smiled at him and went to washroom. After one hour everyone was ready with their bag  and all got into bus. Just we said goodbye to madikeri. Our bus moved slowly.
     9 years over I never discussed even single word about this dream, yesterday suddenly I remembered this and thought of writing, ands here it is JJJJ

Saturday, February 4, 2012


Flash back...around 15 years back when I was in class fourth I used to bunk many classes and morning prayers in the school.Today I am going share one small story of this time.
    I never felt that I should go to class during those days.Just for the sake of parents I used to attend classes.Or else I was moving to some farm houses in the village with two of my friends and pick up some fruits and eat without knowing to the owner.After coming from farm house we were having lunch sent by mom in box and we use to go for near by ground and play till evening then going back to home,this was my routine for two or three days in week. 

    After the first quarter one day morning class was going on Sunitha madam was teaching some maths problems,class was interrupted by our principal as he entered, one girl and a person whose age was around 40 with thick mustache entered behind him.principal told all of us that girl was newly admitted to our class and she is the daughter of newly posted range forest officer to our area and showed that person, her name is Kavya.That mustache person was forest officer.Principal and forest officer talked something with our madam and left the class.
     As they left the room,Madam showed her the place to sit,whole class was looking at her she went near the bench and said 'madam this bench is so dirty I cant sit' I was sitting on the last bench slowly I said 'oh big drama queen'. Later madam called one house keeping guy and told him to clean the bench, after that drama queen sat on it.That day classes were over and every one left the room.I was watching Kavya only she came out,already car driver was waiting outside I thought she will go and sit.But she called driver to take her.He came and lifted her made her to sit in car.Again she proved that she was pakka drama queen.

      As usual our routine went on.One satarday we all came to school,since it was satarday class starts early at 730 am so our morning prayer will be at 7.15 only.on that day my mother could not prepare breakfast early so I came without tiffin box.But I was very hungry.So I told two more friends to bunk the prayer and we planned something and plan was to steal the tiffin box.Every one went to prayer but we three bunked it.Our hunt started in the class for hidden tiffin.We opened two three boxes.tiffin was common like upma and some rice.As the time was running fast those both ate little little upma.But I was looking for something different.At last I saw blue box in front bench.that was drama queen's box.I opened it my favourite idly was there.there were four idlys.Only five minutes was remaining so I ate two idlys and kept back the box.
      Prayer was over and everyone returned back to class.My full attention was on Kavya only.Since it was satarday every one was on white uniform.She came and sat on the bench.Soon madam also came and started teaching.After ten minutes Kavya started shouting 'madam' madam' as if some tiger has come to class.
when madam asked about the reason she told that some chutney has sticked to her white uniform at the back.In hurry I had left some chutney on her bench,as madam went to her bench,she opened her tiffin box also,two idlys were also missing,again she shouted 'madam my idly my idly' ,all came to know her two idlys were missing,madam turned to the class and asked for the victim,everyone's head was down.My unluck I had left one evidence.My hand key was lying below her table.
       Madam came to me and bitten me with stick.And made me to stand ouside the class.I was standing outside Kavya was coming from wash room after cleaning her uniform,as she came near to me I said loudly'U drama queen'.She said 'U are bad boy' and again she told this to madam.Madam came and bitten me again and punishment was extended to till classes were over.
     It was my luck that day was Saturday, classes were up to 12, till 12'o clock I stood outside and returned back to home.In that way we both were introduced to each other.At the starting we were like enemies.but later days we became  good friends.Now Kavya is software engineer in one of the MNC.Now also I call her as ' DRAMA QUEEN'..

Saturday, January 7, 2012


    Recently I was passing nearby Engineering college in Bangalore. I saw bunch of students enjoying in the campus and one second could not control my tears, my eyes busted with full of tears. I really missed and missing those friends, birthday parties, trips, bunking classes, bike ride, night outs, assignments, internals, late night Maggie, beautiful girls, hostel  etc etc……so many things. Those days will never return back in our life.
    Hello friends this time I would like to share some of my experiences at the end of happy days. 7th semester exams were over and our countdown was started in college. Each moment spent was last in the college. Last month, last birthday, last internal, last trip, so many last moments.  Since it was last sem   there was much concentration on project work, we were having three days classes and three days only project work. We were carrying out project in the one famous company, so we use to go for that company to carry out project. We used to see the engineers the company, how stressful was their work. Just we were imagining after some months we also will be in same condition and now we are in same.

   Usually we were reading in sms that ‘we came with tear in eyes without knowing any one and we will be leaving college with tear in eyes after knowing all’…this was really felt in the last semester. Yes really when I came for first time to college with my father for admission was scared and there was lot of fear that how to spend next four years here. But that fear was disappeared when classes were started, unknown faces became close friends and unknown place became like heaven for me. On the first day college I was crying when my father was returning to home. But in last semester we all friends were crying because we were leaving college.
    In the last semester all will become cool because I saw so many fights between friends and juniors were compromised at the last. Many talked to each other. One more thing in the last semester was writing slam book…abba I don’t know how much slam book I have written. Almost all of my friends gave me to write it. Even for studying we never spent  so much of time but spent much time on writing slam book. We wrote it full semester. Writing was full of experiences and expressing how we felt about him or her in four years. When I see my slam book, now also my eyes will get wet because friends have written with feelings.
   Finally project was over and internal was over. Only left was our exams. At last exams also came. Those were the last night outs for exams but we never felt. After last exam, I came out of exam hall with smile to tell that exam was super. Outside I saw many were with sad face, I thought their exams were difficult. But many were hugging each other and giving shake hands. At that time nothing flashed in my mind. Bit later I got flashed that next day was our last day in college, suddenly expression in my face was changed. After all exams we were wishing for happy vacation but this time all were wishing ‘all the best for future’. And one more word from everyone’s mouth was ‘miss u miss u’. Some could not control their tears. Later I returned back to hostel all were packing their things. In the previous semesters I was waiting for exams get  over to run out for native, but that day I was really not feeling to pack my things. One moment I could believe that next day was last in hostel. With heavy heart I packed my things. Next day my brother came with car to take me, I said bye to all and once more I saw college saluted it. We started journey to native.
   Friends I hope you may also experienced the same at the end of Happy Days. Now we have entered the corporate world, now we are not getting time to enjoy, on weekends time is spent in sleeping. During happy days we had no money to enjoy but also we enjoyed lot, now we have money but no enjoyment.  Advice to juniors is please enjoy your happy days to the fullest extent.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Hi friends how are you? I hope you are enjoying reading my posts. After long time I am writing article on above topic, which is quite interesting, I think you people enjoy it.
I am working for Germany based MNC, recently company has completed 25 years in India, and so there was grand function in the company. Everyone was well dressed, company walls were newly painted, lighting was done in the some part, and stage was put for the function .Totally there was festival kind of environment in the campus.

In the evening function was started, there was welcome speech and followed by many speeches from foreign delegates. Owner was very happy with company performance in India.
After two hours all the speeches were over and there was program by blind students. There were six students, three girls and three boys. They were fully blind. We thought what kind of dance these students will do, we were talking they might have called some musician for entertainment.  But when they started the dance full hall was in pin drop of silence. They started dancing for light music and later on for higher tune. Later on for some film songs. All the foreign delegates were impressed by this dance.

They did the dance very nicely, even people with proper eyes cannot do such dance, they did not even miss single step. Everything was coordinated very well. I just imagined how much they would have practiced for such kind of dance, because even one wrong step might have made them to fall down from the stage. Everybody opened their cameras and mobiles for recording the video. Full concentration of people was on the stage.  Everyone clapped and praised the students whole heartedly.
After the program they got some prices and money from the company .I think some other people also gave them some kind of compliments. I will also help them in some kind in future. What I learned from this program not to underestimate any one in life and do not demand anything in life just show your talent, so that people around you will give you what you need and think that you deserve it.
Why I am saying about demand  means, just if we remember about childhood ,we demand so many things from our parents like shoes, new dress ,computer, video game etc..etc...we never think in what position will our parents. Just we need it or else we will not go to school or will not have food. These all things happened in our life and present also they are going on. But instead of demanding if we show our talent like scoring good marks in exams or getting prizes in some competition will make parents happy  and give us big gifts which were not at all expected.

Not only in childhood now also we demand for so many things. We will not be knowing that we deserve that or not. But if we show our talent definitely we will get that. It may not happen with all cases because some things have to taken by demanding. What I am going to convince is that do not demand for smaller things, when we get those things when we show our talents.  So from that day I have decided not to under estimate any one and demand some things. Friends you also try to follow the same may be you will enjoy your life. 

Sunday, July 17, 2011


          After long time I had been to my native for friend’s marriage and I was very happy see all my old friends there. We wished newly married couple and had nice party at night. After marriage all my friends returned back to their places respectively. Next three days I spent time with my parents in home .Three days were over, it was time to return back to Bangalore.

         My return train ticket was reserved on Wednesday, train was departing at 5.40pm from Hubli junction, I packed all my things and my mom cooked dinner and gave me box. One second I checked my bag, confirmed nothing was left. I said bye to mom and left home at 4pm.
          I reached Hubli railway station by 5pm, still there was half an hour for train to arrive, so I went to bakery to buy some sweets for my roommates and colleagues. I took Dharwad special Pedha and had some tea and came back to platform .By that time it was 5.30 train was in the platform and cleaning of toilets and filling of water in tanks was in progress .I checked my compartment in the ticket came near to same. My compartment was S8,I checked my name in the sheet which was pasted on the door. My name was there and as usual like all other guys I checked any girl was near my berth. My berth number was 38, I checked above and below my number but there was no girl name, instead it was written DVG in some berth numbers, which means some people were boarding in Davangere (DVG).
         I boarded train and came near to my berth, already two guys were sitting before me in the berth. I asked their berth numbers and told mine. In this way we started talking and introduced ourselves. One was travelling from Pune and one was from Gujarat. On that day climate was a cool, dark cloud were moving in the sky, sun was not visible, it was dark by 5.30pm.
         Time was 5.40, train started moving slowly towards Bangalore, as the train started moving clouds bursted into rain, water started coming inside compartment, all people pulled their window shutters. We were talking about different things about their profession and my job etc…different kind of people were travelling in the train, students, business men, teachers, engineers etc…as the time passed many stations also passed. But it was raining outside with same speed in all the stations. I was bit sad because there was no girl travelling near my berth, but there was hope that at least one girl will board from Davangere. I saw time it was 8pm, so opened my Tiffin box and had my dinner was bit tired and closed my eyes.
        Next station was Davangere; train stopped in the platform those two guys who were sitting beside me got down in that station. One beautiful girl entered my compartment and she came near my berth and said “my berth seat number is 40” ,I was sitting in that berth I got up and said ‘sorry please take your  seat” .I was very very happy because such nice girl was sitting in front of me. There was silence for next half an hour. After that she only asked ‘are u going to Bangalore’? ya I said.

     In this way our interaction started she was software software engineer working one of famous MNC in Bangalore. I too introduced myself. What a coincidence she too was living near my area in Bangalore. Till late night we were talking each other. Morning when train reached Bangalore we both got down. Since she was  also staying nearby to my area we took same bus and reached our stop. And we exchanged our mobile numbers and said bye to each other. After that we were in touch through messages and calls. Later we started meeting in the evenings. Went to coffee days, pizza huts and Mc Donald’s etc…had nice partys on weekends.
             On one weekend my mobile was ringed..I just picked it…and it was her call…she said “today no one is in my room u come we shall have grand party” I said ‘ok’….I took bath, wore new dress and went to her home…and ringed bell tin ton!!!!!!!!!!!! She opened the door …wa she was looking gorgeous…I went inside…she closed door…I was amazed what was her plan….many things were going in my mind???????
There was loud sound ‘KHOOLI SIR’ KHOOLI’ I opened my eyes still I was in train. I saw watch it was 3.30 am in the morning and saw in the window it was Bangalore junction. That time I realized that  whole thing was dream which I saw in the train. No girl boarded in the train. Only those two guys were there. They were packing their things. I rubbed my hairs and eyes and said myself “oh it was dream dude” .I took my bag and said bye to those two guys and came out. Since it was too early in the morning there were no buses, so I took auto and came to room…..still I was thinking ‘that was dream’???