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Monday, May 9, 2011

Romantic Monsoon Rain(Mungaru Male)

Hi friends from last few days there is nice rain in Bangalore in the evening ….Waa such cool weather here its so romantic … in this cool cool  weather if we are eating  hot hot  pakoda waa wat nice experience na…  
Daily I go to company from basaveshwar nagar to bommasandra near narayana hrudayalaya which is almost near to tamilnadu boundry in company bus, which takes almost two hours to reach and while coming also it takes same time.

Every day its long journey which I travel, if I am tired then I goes for sleep during this journey or else I read news paper or novels in the bus. Also we (I and my colleagues) crack jokes and laugh lot in bus.
As usual clock showed 5.40pm on Wednesday, I logged out and came out of company, Waa what a romantic climate it was, there was cool air blowing, dark clouds were moving in the sky and there was lightening in the sky. I felt so relaxed after continuous nine hours of work. Office nalli yeste AC ,fan idru
Horgade beeso gali munde yella AC  nu zero.Aha  aa tampu galiyannu anubhaviso sukha bere yellu sigolla ansutte.
Rain was about to start and I got into bus and sat in the window place, bus started moving slowly, as soon as bus started moving  male nu shuru  aage bitthu.our bus came on to the main highway which heads towards electronic city and started moving in uniform speed.

 Male tumba jora ne ittu beligge inda bisi bisi bisilaninda bhoomi tumba ne sudta ittu ee male inda bhoomi tampu aagittu,mannin vasane barta ittu tampu gaali bisutta ittu,our bus reached electronic  city driver paid money in toll gate and bus started moving on fly over ,I opened window male hani kadime aagittu aadre cool air matra hage ittu,I opened my mobile and media player on madide nice songs and cool air aha yen maja idanna anubhavisodu.
Namma bus silk board muttitu,aag tane ella office time mugidittu employees horgade barta idru,horgade male,alli alli chikk chikk gundigalu neeru tumbkondiddavu.swalpa jana bus stop nal wait madta idru.ennu swalpa jana alli angadigal munde nintidru.our bus took a turn towards BTM layout, there was lot of traffic jam in that road, here bus was moving slowly.
After half an hour our bus came near Jayanagar 4th block, I saw small children were jumping and enjoying in the rain on the streets, couple of lovers were moving in the rain holding each others hands, color color umbrellas were seen in the streets. Next our bus headed towards basavangudi many people were eating hot hot  pakodas and panipuri on the road side. so many birds were coming back to their nests and was hearing noise many frogs.

Since there was heavy rain there was lot of traffic jam in all streets, so our was moving very much slowly. I was enjoying by seeing all these things and listening to good songs like mungaru male title tarck…
So entire journey was enjoying and romantic on that day, that day it took almost three hours to reach my home, but I did not feel only that I took more time then all other days.
So friends , I think u all also enjoyed the rain on that day, if u have missed then enjoy next time.
Have a nice time friends.

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