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Sunday, September 25, 2011


Hi friends how are you? I hope you are enjoying reading my posts. After long time I am writing article on above topic, which is quite interesting, I think you people enjoy it.
I am working for Germany based MNC, recently company has completed 25 years in India, and so there was grand function in the company. Everyone was well dressed, company walls were newly painted, lighting was done in the some part, and stage was put for the function .Totally there was festival kind of environment in the campus.

In the evening function was started, there was welcome speech and followed by many speeches from foreign delegates. Owner was very happy with company performance in India.
After two hours all the speeches were over and there was program by blind students. There were six students, three girls and three boys. They were fully blind. We thought what kind of dance these students will do, we were talking they might have called some musician for entertainment.  But when they started the dance full hall was in pin drop of silence. They started dancing for light music and later on for higher tune. Later on for some film songs. All the foreign delegates were impressed by this dance.

They did the dance very nicely, even people with proper eyes cannot do such dance, they did not even miss single step. Everything was coordinated very well. I just imagined how much they would have practiced for such kind of dance, because even one wrong step might have made them to fall down from the stage. Everybody opened their cameras and mobiles for recording the video. Full concentration of people was on the stage.  Everyone clapped and praised the students whole heartedly.
After the program they got some prices and money from the company .I think some other people also gave them some kind of compliments. I will also help them in some kind in future. What I learned from this program not to underestimate any one in life and do not demand anything in life just show your talent, so that people around you will give you what you need and think that you deserve it.
Why I am saying about demand  means, just if we remember about childhood ,we demand so many things from our parents like shoes, new dress ,computer, video game etc..etc...we never think in what position will our parents. Just we need it or else we will not go to school or will not have food. These all things happened in our life and present also they are going on. But instead of demanding if we show our talent like scoring good marks in exams or getting prizes in some competition will make parents happy  and give us big gifts which were not at all expected.

Not only in childhood now also we demand for so many things. We will not be knowing that we deserve that or not. But if we show our talent definitely we will get that. It may not happen with all cases because some things have to taken by demanding. What I am going to convince is that do not demand for smaller things, when we get those things when we show our talents.  So from that day I have decided not to under estimate any one and demand some things. Friends you also try to follow the same may be you will enjoy your life. 

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