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Thursday, May 31, 2012


      Yesterday, I watched a English adventure movie, after the end of movie, I went back to my bed to sleep. Some old memories flashed in front of my eyes.
       Around nine years back I was studying 10th class in Sainik School Bijapur. That was March month and our board exams were going on and at the same time India was doing best at cricket world cup. We bought one radio also to listen the cricket commetry.Half of my concentration was on cricket and other half was on exams. I think that was the reason I scored less in board exams.

      Somehow exams were over and India lost the world cup at final against Australia.
That was disappointing but there was happy news for all 10th class that principal was sending all of us to Madikeri (Kodagu) for adventure camp.
     We were around 60 people but we had only one school bus, around 40 were accommodated in the bus others were informed to come by government bus. As the travelling distance very long we left early in the morning. We had never been to this part of state. It was first experience for all of us. We all grown and brought up in hot land like Bijapur and for the first time we were going to cool and forest land like madikeri ,therefore it was exciting.
     To say something about Madikeri, Its one of the famous tourist place in Karnataka. It’s covered with thick forest and has some famous waterfalls. During rainy season lot people visit Madikeri  to see these falls and green forest. Talakaveri is the place where one of the famous river Kaveri takes birth. This is around 100km from Madikeri. Two eyes are not enough to see the beauty of Kodagu.
    Our bus moved on shimoga,Hassan and then reached Madikeri at late night. Our accommodation was arranged by some our Ex-students in one marriage hall which was located in the mid of the thick forest. Nearby city to this hall was around 10km.Two staff members were accompanied us for the camp. It was late night we could not see any beauty of nature. As we reached, one our ex student welcomed us and showed us the place where we have to live for ten days and gave some instructions about washroom, food and also he mentioned that hall has current connection, therefore they had generator connection which will be running for limited time that’s evening 6 to 10 and morning 4 to 6.After long journey we were very tired, so he did not waste much time just said goodnight and left. We  also slept soon.
   We woke up at 6 in the morning, waa….there was full fog which covered all the surroundings it was very cold, we never seen such climate before. Fog was so thick that even roads were not visible. There were lot of trees around. In Bijapur we can see kilometers of distance with barren land. But here there were lot of trees and coffee estates around. Whole surrounding was green and covered with fog. Small drops of water on the leaves were shining as the rays of sun falling on them.
   On the first day we were taken to see some waterfalls and places nearby. Next day we were taken to one place near Kushalnagar, which is also known city in Kodagu for trekking. Trekking distance was 10km in that thick forest. Route was in such way that we have to climb up one hill and get down where we will find river, there we have to take our lunch and return back on other route. That hill was very steep if you miss one step or slip bit we were falling into deep valley and our way was so narrow no two guys were able walk side by side. We moved ahead and ahead very carefully. Time was 2 in the afternoon, there was lot of heat and we reached that river. As soon as we reached, everyone removed their clothes and jumped into water. We felt as if we found oasis in the desert. Around half an hour we were in water and later we came out and had our lunch on the banks of river. 

    As the time was running we wore our dress and packed our things and left the place. This time way was not zigzag but it was straight and 60 degree steep. All our energy was lost in river only. This time we felt really difficult to climb up the hill. Many guys sat in the half way and could not move forward. Since the time was running fast we helped those guys to move further. Finally we reached our place with great difficulty, by the time we reached hall clock showed time 9pm. So we had dinner and slept soon.
     For the next few days, we visited several other places in that forest and enjoyed the beauty of places. And also went for some other trekking places. Only last one day was left for us leave the Madikeri. Before that day, we had dinner at 9 in the night and having some discussion on the experiences during these days. At that time Mrutyunjay(mutya) said ‘it would have been still more interesting and challenging, if we would have gone for night trekking’. Everyone nodded their heads. Actually that plan was cancelled due to some reasons. By that time it was 10pm, generator was off and everyone went to their beds.
    I also came to bed and closed my eyes, I got toilet at night, so woke up mutya. We both went out for small stroll and finished toilet. As we were returning back, we could see some lamps light in the forest, which were 50m from us. I told mutya ‘lets go and see what are those lights?’.  He did not agree at first as we were leaving early in the morning. Later when I forced he was agreed to come. As went near by the light we could see two guys , who were holding two lamps were waiting for someone. We found them suspicious, therefore we hid behind a tree and waited there. After some time one black nigro arrived near to them. Then they started moving towards one nearby hill, we followed them as they moved. They came near the hill and disappeared, mutya told that better we return back soon.
    But I only took him further, there was small cave which was covered with some branches of trees. We took off those branches and entered in. Entrance was only small but inside it was big building. Where we peeped through window, we saw some guys packing smuggled things like animals skin, elephant teeth and some weapons. Suddenly we saw that black nigro having negotiations with one big guy who was wearing black suit. That black guy was holding some diamonds in his hand. We got fear and slowly came back out of cave and kept back those branches as it is. We thought of informing to police but feared lot as influenced people will be involved in it and would be a great risk. But later we thought we are students of Sainik school once if we clear NDA, we are going to be officers in defense and  save the country from enemies. We got courage when all these thoughts came into our mind. After that we did not wait single second went to highway and waited for some vehicle to give us lift.

     One car gave us lift to madikeri, within an hour we came back to our hall with police van. We woke up all the friends, informed about what had happened. They were also energetic to catch the smugglers because they are from Sainik school, that courage comes from lessons we learnt at school. All of us covered the cave, police announced in the mike to surrender. As there was other way all those who were in the cave surrendered. Man behind all this was famous well known business man of Kodagu. Police praised me and mutya for our courage. Next day this news was spread throughout the state like fire in the forest. Our names came in the news and Televisions. It was announced that medal will given to us by the Government of Karnataka. On the Independence day chief minister  was giving bravery medal  to me, suddenly I heard sound from our staff member ‘guys get up’ get up’ we have to travel long distance, get ready soon’ . I opened my eyes ,it was 5 clock in the morning. All that I saw was dream. I just got up and saw that mutya was in deep sleep. I just smiled at him and went to washroom. After one hour everyone was ready with their bag  and all got into bus. Just we said goodbye to madikeri. Our bus moved slowly.
     9 years over I never discussed even single word about this dream, yesterday suddenly I remembered this and thought of writing, ands here it is JJJJ

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  1. Nice one. I even started thinking that it actually happened.