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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Learn From People Around U

Hi friends.....

How are you??? After long time I am posting writing on above topic.You are thinking na what might be the content. 
          Well,we will be listening to many stories from friends and relatives about many boys ie that boy was very intelligent till 10th or 12th he was one of the topper but after joining college he learned many bad habits and not able to complete his degree etc etc....
           Why we people learn bad habits soon and good habits we will not learn or we will take long time to cultivate them in our life.That is unknown.So in this point of time I am  learning some good things from one small business man.
           Today in this writing i am going to tell u about him,Now I am living in Basaveshwar nagar in Bangalore with my college friends.Daily we prepare food by our self in home only.So we bring all the vegetables and ration from shop which is beside our home.The story is about this shopkeeper from which we take vegetables n etc...
            This man is so kind,sincere and down to earth,his shop is near our home ie in basveshwar nagar and his home is in JP nagar which is around 20km from this place.Every day this person gets up 4 in the morning  and goes to market,buys vegetables and comes to shop within 6.30am and opens the door of shop.And night till 10pm he will be in shop only,after that he closes shop and moves back to his home.I think he will be sleeping around 12 in the mid night.Again get up 4 in the morning n same routine is followed.
             So maximum he will be getting four hours to sleep in the night,though he is getting so much less time to rest,he will be very much cool and active while talking to customers.Normally what we think it is his business he is doing it,thats all.But there is lot to learn from him.
            First is dedication,if you love your work and dedicate yourself to work then you will find work is nice and interesting,as u work u will succeed.Then next is punctuality,we work for companies but how much of us go in right time everyday,govt officials never come in time,where as this man maintains proper timings.And handling people with his coolness,this is one more thing to learn from him ie be cool always.
            When you read this you may feel that nothing is special,but the thing i am trying convince is that,to learn good things or habits it is not necessary to keep big celebrity as your role model and follow them.Observe people around you and extract positive and good things from them and cultivate them in your life.When we follow and cultivate them in our life surely we will see success in our life.
           I am making such an attempt,so friends you also try it.ALL THE BEST

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  1. real time, i liked the facts expressed by you. You considered all t he positive things from his life. Hope it will be great we look around ourselves with positive attitude & do our jobs. When it comes to business one put 100% of him. And under pressure u r brain function a t much better speed.