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Friday, November 15, 2013


On Thursday I got relieved from the project which was assigned to me.  Since it was a long time I had been to native, I thought of going to home. When I asked for the permission our manager granted me 3 days leave without a single word. I was very happy and came back to my seat and opened IRCTC site to book ticket on the same night, but it was showing waiting list. I tried for the buses I did not get any ticket. Therefore I did not book any ticket and thought of travelling next day morning.
Since it was winter season, Next day morning I got up at 10am. I got ready and had lunch & then boarded bus at 1pm. Its 8 hour journey from Bangalore to Hubli and conductor told we will be reaching latest by 9.30pm. Hubli to my village its half an hour drive and last bus will be at 10pm. I thought latest by 10.30pm will be at home, so I called up home and gave them message.
Due to lot of traffic, bus reached Hubli at 11pm.By the time I reach my village bus had left Hubli. There was one more bus which was standing. I boarded that bus which goes to other village that is 2km from my village. When bus reached that village it was 12am mid night. As soon as bus reached the stop everyone got down and moved towards their homes. Within seconds bus stop empty & silent.
Now some kind of fear started in the mind, because I have to walk 2km to reach my home. Slowly I started to walk on the road, not even single person was on the road. I thought of calling up home, but there was no proper network. There was pin drop silence and I could only hear scream of different type of insects. I remembered lot of devil stories on the way. It was full moon day and sky was clear with lot of bright stars. There was cool air which was blowing and making sound. Not to feel alone I put ear phones and started listening songs.
However I walked 1km and reached river which crosses my village. As I was walking on the banks of river suddenly my mobile got switched off, songs were stopped. Dark clouds covered the clear sky. Within seconds lighting also started, clouds busted into rain. I drenched in the rain. It became full dark, I started to walk faster. Only in lightning I was able to see the road. Suddenly I saw a huge body coming towards me; I trembled and stood there only.  As huge body approached very near I could recognize, he was man with 7feet height and around 200kg weight with long beard. My hands and legs started shivering as he stood in front of me. He said ‘my name is Robert and you have to come with me now’.  ‘No I will not come anywhere’ why should I come with you’ I replied in fear.
But he took me and flied in the air, I was screaming but when I saw earth from bird view, felt happy. There was fear in mind, that why this guy is taking me, whether he is magician or devil. We crossed lot of forests, hills and rivers. Finally we came to big ocean, there were lot of big waves hitting to the shore and air was blowing with high speed, also there was lightning.
We crossed some kilometers in the ocean, in lightning light I saw an island near to us. He took me and got down on a big rock in the island. It was raining heavily; wind was blowing with high speed, so I could not move forward. Robert was standing like a rock. He looked at me and again I got fear. He took me on his shoulders and started to walk forward. After a while, we reached a small hut, where there was only single cot and mat. I came to know that it’s the place where Robert lives.
     After some time he started speaking ‚now we have to move deep inside the sea, and fight with one creature (Robo) then we have to bring back one key which is in his throat. I was amazed, why the hell I should fight and am I capable? ‚yes dude you are capable, your ancestors had this power and they have transferred this power to you. Robo killed your grandfather. He has lots of magical powers. He is trying to convert our 1million men into creatures. Today is the the last day that we can stop him or else million people will be converted into creatures and they will destroy the world. The guy who has power to kill Robo is “you” he said.
    Robert gave me one magical stick. It was of my grandfather and which works only in my hand Robert said. I took it & said fire, suddenly a big tree in front of me got fire. Now I got confidence. I wore my grandfather‘s outfit and said Robert that we will move. We both flied from the rock and jumped into the sea. Deep into the sea there was a fort. We entered inside the fort. Inside there was no water but there was forest and it had lots of different types of trees. Slowly we moved inside. Suddenly fire occurred in front of us. I sprinkled water on it by magic stick. We moved front, earth worm type insects started coming out from the earth. One by one started climbing our body. We started running in other direction. I made hole using my stick, suddenly all the insects fell into the hole.
    We found some coconut trees. I took one to drink, when i cut it we found blood in that. I threwed it. We were very hungry, but there was nothing to eat there. As we moved forward we found small water body in which there were some fishes. We caught some fishes and fried using magic stick. We ate them, now we felt comfortable.
    We sat there for some time, there was big hill in front of us, and the creature was on top of hill. We have to reach there by passing through some caves. Time was running and soon we got up started climbing the hill. After walking 500 meters we found one cave. It was full dark. As soon as we entered the cave, bunch of spiders and bats attacked us. So we could not move forward and came outside the cave. I took some sticks and wrapped front part with cloth and fired it. Then me and Robert entered the cave again they tried to attack but, with the help of fire we destroyed some bats. Quickly we moved forward.
     Next we moved slowly and found big wall in front of us. On the wall there were some creatures and were holding some weopons.we crawled slowly till the wall but one creature looked at us & attacked us. Within seconds around 50 creatures surrounded us. They were making some irritating noise and with weapons tried to kill us. I took my stick & I made them to move little back. Suddenly we both started running towards the top of the fort, creatures were chasing from back, while running my stick fell into a small pit. We tried to move front but it was edge of the hill. So we went behind the bush and sat down there. Creatures came running, as they were in a high speed, they fell down from the edge of the hill. After picking up the stick from the pit, we flied on top of the fort with the help of special broom stick.
    Now Robo was in front of us, he had a very huge body and had more than 10 hands. He was having different types of weopons.He too had one magical stick same as mine by which he was controlling everything, that stick was stolen from my ancestors. As soon as he saw us, threw some fire balls towards us, but we escaped from them. With the help of my stick left some bees to bite him, he too escaped by using some powers. He left some pigs which were having big teeth, one pig attacked on Robert and pierced through stomach, suddenly he started shouting. I went & killed that pig.
With the help of big sword I killed other pigs too. Small injuries were on my body. I tied cloth to Robert’s stomach, but Robo was trying to hit me from back, suddenly Robert pushed me away and his left hand was cut. Robert fainted.
I took sword and cut his toes and he fell down, took his magic stick and cut his neck threw into the big valley. Robert was awake by that time there was victory smile on his face. I went and hugged him and told him about the killing of Robo. Robert asked me about the key, suddenly I became silent because key was forgotten.
‘’without the key we cant make million people free from prison’’ Robert said.  I showed him the place where Robo was thrown out. Suddenly he took me in hand and flied down the valley. There was big forest at the bottom of the valley. We went in search of his body, bunch of leopards attacked us. One leopard pierced nails into my thigh skin. I killed it with help of my sword. Same time Robert killed other leopards also. There was bleeding in my thigh. I took some dry leaves and tied them tightly on thigh.
    We moved forward, we found his neck but there was no key in that. We got tensed, lot of negative thoughts came into mind that after finding body if key is not there, where to find in such big forest.  Only two hours was left for release of those people or else all of them will be converted to creatures.  We increased our speed and started searching in the forest. There was river flowing in forest. We found some blood drops on the banks of river. Now we were sure that body was flown along with water.
   We ran on the bank of river along with flowing water, after some minutes we reached still water. I saw body floating on the water and screamed at Robert that we found body. We were happy and brought body on the bank. With help of sword I cut his body into pieces. We found key in his stomach. Another one hour was left to release them. Since Roberts hand was cut it was impossible fly faster and reach in time to release them. With help of magic stick two flying brooms I made.  Within seconds we left the place flied on brooms. After 45 minutes we reached the Island where all people were put behind the bar.   With help of key we opened the lock, automatically bars disappeared. All the people were very happy and hugged each other. They thanked me and Robert. Also they decided to make me king of the Island.       But I did not agree and told about my family & job responsibilities. Also I promised them that will be visiting them once in year. In case of emergency always I will be there for them at any time. They too agreed and sent me happily. Robert took me in hand flied towards my village. Dropped me near my home and hugged me, said bye and left.
  In my home everyone was afraid and they were waiting for me from long time. They ringed my mobile it was not reachable. As soon as I reached home there was big smile on everyone’s face. My mom hugged me and cried. I told them some other story (did not tell what actually happened) to made them to believe. Later everyone went to bed. I just closed my eyes.


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