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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Creative Technology-Think India

Hi Friends.................Long gap!!!!!! My last post was in 2013..........OMG  three long years..........How are you all???? Hope you all are doing well :)  Thanks to all my blog is still alive.  Today  I am writing on a topic which will make every Indian think......

     Why we always think of job in western countries???……..Why we do not have big companies???!!!! Are we not Creative?????  All giant IT companies are from West……..are we not capable of creating something new??
           What is difference between discovery and invention!!!!  Discovery is finding something which already exists and invention is Creative something new!!!! At present West gets credit for being more Creative.
     Are we less Creative??…. What all we have given to world to be proud of ???  ....Sanskrit its oldest language in the world.  It is oldest script. That means we have taught to the world how to speak and write. That’s mainly communication.   Aaryabhata who has worked out value of pi is from India… addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are gift to mankind from India. In short   communication and compute  are the basic things wanted in the beginning of life for the growth, that we have given to world….
      Coming to Engineering, we have oldest dam in the world.  I am not aware of the place and name of the dam but we have it in our country. That shows we were a step ahead in the engineering too.  Medicine: Idea of plastic surgery was from India, which was very old practice in India. Smallpox fought successfully in India before the people found out vaccine for it.

      Coming to Education , Gurukulam system with university like Nalanda university  which was very famous and was attracting many students from whole world.  It was having curriculum of all subjects like maths, science, skills development etc….

   What about business???  We were only country to export maximum spices to world. In fact Indian exports had 33% share in the world.

    So by all above facts we come to know that our ancestors were creative and given lots to the world.   150 years ago we were so competitive. How was all this possible??   Just think it was all due to they were thinking and had love towards their mother tongue.  Man is creative when he thinks in his own mother tongue and executes work in the same. 

Then later what went wrong???
    If you wish to destroy country without war, then its very easy  just destroy  mother tongue of the country.  Yes !! that’s exactly what British did to us. Our creativity was buried when English people started ruling us. They influenced so much that without English there is nothing. As result those who do not understand English would been labelled as illiterate.  Later our people started learning English, without English no education, no jobs, no career…… started learning English, thinking in English etc…. we have got talent but lost our creativity…….. And its fact!!  We are tagged as talented with less creativity.  Look at the developed countries in the world they use their mother tongue… they are not behind any other language… in fact they make others to learn their language…… we have so many languages in our country but we are behind English. But we never realized how creative we are!!! country can develop so many  languages and scripts is perfect example for creativity. No other country in the world  has so many languages.  As a result   We are proud if our child is studying in English medium and if he is learning French or Germany…. 

      West is developed and they have giant companies now and attracting the world. Now every one is calling it as Information Technology.  We have to love our mother tongue and start encouraging learning of mother tongue in school level , let’s make  our next generation to think in their mother tongue  and let  them have lot of creative ideas.   By this we are grooming pride for motherland in hearts of our future generation.  Once there is pride for motherland then self-pride will follow.  This self-pride will make grounds for self-expression and creativity. Let us prepare for  India for tomorrow and call future as Creative Technology…   This will definitely make you think!!!!!!

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