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Friday, March 4, 2011


Hi friends...How are you?? Hope all of you doing well…Did u see the Title?
Amazed na?? I would like to share an incident on this.

   As you all know  VISHWA KANNADA SAMMELANA is approaching very fast and this time it will be held in Belgaum. Lets wish for the success of this grand function.

    OK Ok now coming to track ,now days you can see many people in Bangalore who speaks other language other than kannada,some speaks telgu ,some Tamil ,some speaks Malayalam and some others speaks Hindi. But you know there is one common language    Adanna ellaru matadtar kanri, you know which is that?

   Guess guess...I know wats coming in your mind…ya  its correct …that is English…houdri  even small children speaks English in Bangalore .Well  we being kannadigas are also speaking English lot now days.
If you go near by any IT companies here, no one talks any local language, you will only listen English words…like wats going on buddy…wats up..Etc...Etc…

    So this is the case in Bangalore, in this what I am going share is a small incident which took place yesterday with one boy (who really loves Kannada being non kannadiga)
        I am searching for my dream job  in Bangalore from last one month ,so it was Thursday and  I had gone to SJBIT college in kengeri  to write WIPRO test and it was completed at 4 in the evening .From there I wanted to go to JAKKASANDRA near Koramangala to meet some consultant.So  I took bus to banashankari from there, and reached  it, I was not knowing further route to Jakkasandra, so I asked one conductor who was standing nearby ‘ree jakkasandrake hege hogodu anta’ .He said ‘Alli hog nillappa 500 no bus barutte adakke hogu’.

    I went there and waited for 20 minutes, but bus did not come, so I asked one person who was standing beside that how to go to that place. He said frequency of buses is less for that area so catch other bus and go to silk board from there u will get many buses. So I caught one bus which was going and sat beside boy  and asked ‘silk board hogutta?’ then boy replied  said ‘jata hai ‘ in Hindi. 

     I was thinking in mind ‘its hard to find people speaking kannada in Bangalore, same time conductor asked me for the ticket, I showed him my pass ,then he asked for boy sitting beside me,he said ‘nandu pass kanri’…so I got bit angry and asked him you know kannada and why did you speak in Hindi with me.
     He said he is from chattisagarh and came here for the sake of study staying here from last 3 years .Do you know he spoke all this in kannada only ,I was amazed even kannadigas do not speaks that much correct ,then you would have said in kannada when I asked I said. He replied still I am learning it,iam afraid if I speak wrong any one will scold.

    Then I asked him what more he knows about kannada, he showed his mobile with kannada alphabets in it, he learned all that, he knows kannada songs and loves kannada movies, tells names of heroes.

   Then he asked me about my native place,I said  me from Hubli ,I was shocked ,he learned north Karnataka kannada also bit,’neevu duddige rokka antiralla anta anda. 

Later he said I love talking in kannada become perfect in that, but some of my friends says ‘yakappa kannada hal madtia tap tapp matadi,English matadu saku’ anta

    I told him ‘let them say anything you speak kannada ok don’t worry  no one will scold if u speak  wrong they will support and encourage u to learn kannada.

  Then I asked him about  place where I was going ,he  was also going by that way itself, so we got down at silk board and took other bus,he showed me the jakkaandra stop and I got down said bye to him.

   So friends that was the incident which took place yesterday, I felt very nice seeing his love towards kannada, now days being kannadigas are not speaking kannada in Bangalore, we should really appreciate this boy.

    And my request to all kannadigas is that encourage the people who loves to talk in kannada and teach them, please do not discourage them, be proud to be kannadiga.

Yelladaru iru yentadaru iru
Endendigu nee kannadavagiru


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